Lennart Wennberg

Radio, mostly in the form of broadcast listening has, since before my teens, been a big and important part of my life. I grew up, together with my Mother, in Brännland, a village outside of Umeå, in Northern Sweden. We had no car and we lived on her small widow’s pension. Listening on shortwave and medium wave to international radio stations became my window to the World. In fact it shaped me. I have once said that BBC World Service was my first university.

During my childhood I could not imagine that later I myself would talk live on Voice of America or that Radio Taiwan International would broadcast a ten minute interview with me.

My fifty years as a shortwave listener have given me a lot of memories, and some of them I am going to share with you.

Book about Shortwave listening

My sister gave me this little book and it helped me a lot in the beginning.

Stay tuned…