Manx Radio, 1368 kHz

Things changes over time. This blog is dedicated to preserve some memories from radio stations that are no more. One station though is unchanged from 1987 when this QSL is from, and it is of course Manx Radio on 1368 kHz! I use to listen to Manx Radio with my radio in my bed besides…

RTL Radio Luxembourg, 1440 kHz

It’s hard, if not impossible, to explain the enormous impact this radio station had for mine, and nearby generations during the 50s to the the beginning of the 90s. Imagine Sweden, for instance, had only one radio channel, but there was Radio Luxembourg that aired the heavyweight championship match in boxing between Ingemar Johansson and…

NRK, Norsk Rikskringkasting, 6015 kHz

Norway may be a small country, but they had a significant footprint both on shortwave and mediumwave. On shortwave they had programming both in Norwegian and English. Much was aimed for all the Norwegian seamen all over the world with greetings from families and friends and with music requests. Nowdays seamen connect over the internet……

YLE Vaasa 1242 kHz

The nearest radio station outside Sweden was Yleisradio’s Swedish language transmitter in Vaasa. I remember one music request show called “Ungdomens gåva i toner” that sounded a bit old fashioned, as the they talked about “The Slade Ensemble”.

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